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ummary of Grants and Foundation Support

Selected by the Office of the Virginia Attorney General as one of two non-profits to receive $51,000 from a multi-state anti-trust suit to launch the Virginia Health Information Project.  Ongoing corporate support is provided by the Virginia National Bank.

Selected by the Virginia Attorney General as one of only five non-profits to receive funds from multi-state anti-trust suit to promote children's literacy.

$97,500 Grant from UPS Foundation and $10,000 Grant from Reed Elsevier to support the National Children's Literacy Information Project's Children's Literacy Web Site and related activities.

$26,000 Grant from Hewlett-Packard in support of the the Soho Center's National Children's Literacy Information Project.

56 Read to Achieve Grants from Southland/7-Eleven Corporation that allows the Soho Center to purchase and distribute over $115,000 of quality children's books and literacy materials to over 2,000 child care providers.

$804,000 Grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Soho Center's REACH Initiative to promote quality child care and pilot innovative outreach, networking, and training strategies.  Includes videos, PSAs, web, print support, large-scale multi-state databases, and 1-800-A1-KIDS-1 information number.

$175,000 Grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Soho Center's VIDEO Project for a sophisticated, media-based campaign (including television commercials and print) to increase participation in the USDA Child Care Food Program. 

$100,000 Grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the Soho Center's Comprehensive Child Care Initiative to enhance family day care including nutrition education, food reimbursements, child care training, children's literacy, injury prevention, child care referrals, and related support services.

13 Injury Prevention Grants from the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Emergency Services to allow the Soho Center to distribute free home safety devices (fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, safety gates, etc.) to providers. 

$60,000 in Planning and Technical Assistance, Quality Enhancement, and Planning Grants to increase the quality and availability of child care including region-wide training for family day care providers.

$30,000 Innovation Grant from the Center on Rural Development.  Certificate of Special Recognition from the Council on Coordinating Prevention for Soho's "innovative efforts in improving and expanding child care in rural areas."

Voluntary Registration, USDA Food Program, and related services to providers in 41 VA counties enhancing child care for thousands of children and distributing over $1,000,000 to child care providers for nutritious children's food.





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